Linux Stuff

icons/cursor in the videodriverupdater repository – working for mate desktop


PINEPHONE – “Community Edition: Manjaro” Limited Edition Linux SmartPhone nice development image for qt , gtk and wx widgets . 4.1 gb a08ddf3b94dd8679482bb6877dcf09df Suse15leap.7z

“sudo rsync -a –delete ./src ./dest” --delete-aftergreat way to keep extra copies up to date.


SUSE Linux

getting vlc dvd playback working

download libdvdcss, libdvdnav,libdvdread

run aclocal , autoreconf, autoconf , automake –add-missing, libtoolize -i , configure then make and make install to get it working.

package list soon.



Choosing hardware can be a bit tricky if you dont know what to look for. Its getting harder to beat a laptop with a desktop PC for the main desktop unless you do highend rendering or gaming (desktops have more cores still) laptops are still at around 4 cores probably for heat/efficiency reasons. its been said that anything over 1ghz by deffinition is a super computer, you are going to need around 2-4 cores and 3ghz to get the full desired experiance. Almost everyone thesedays carry around a supercomputer in their pockets so finding a good laptop should be easy.

The feel of classic gnome for linux its very polished and professional. there are a few modern options available. you’ll want either Plasma , Mate or Gnome3 with classic fallback mode.

Ok now that you have all that you’ll need some other usefull programs.

Usefull Applications

stash of program source code.

  • xchat – for contacting other nerds — find me as Tecan on efnet or freenode if you have questions or just want to say hi
  • autokey – for making life easier
  • thunderbird – firefox
  • liferea – reading rss news
  • filezilla or gftp(had some issues getting gftp ftps to work)
  • exaile for music – be sure to turn the plugins off that connect to the internet like covers and lyrics wiki etc…

firefox – check here for the plugins you’ll wan << animated wallpaper weather manager for the gnome desktop.

Compiz works well but sometimes it uses more resources than youd like. this python script has no overhead and is easily modifiable.  Seeing gravity in the code gave me a few ideas for a new ui system that clears itself as if the windows were shrinking and falling or just shrinking and expanding on mouse over. I ended up modifying pywo to move the mouse cursor around with the windows.

  • I added the line below to grid definition in file m.move(position.x-20,position.y+10)  # might need to check what position was pressed and invert it accordingly.

 Admin Tools

  2. wireshark
  3. gufw – ufw  – firewall

other stuff – window manager , installed software , accessories to get – hardware hacks n mods.

 Programming Tools

  1. CodeBlocks
  2. SPE – python IDE
  3. radare

3d Tools

  •  blender 3d – works amazing for CAD
  • wings 3d
  • texture generators…. too many to list today.
  • see 3d printers section for other gcode tools

Best Computer Chair.

A great computer chair, has lasted almost 20 years only the hydraulic cylinder was replaced. I outgrew how high the arm rests go, it collects dust inside the seat so I had made an incision near the front used to clean it out a garden hose once a year would work too. has mesh bottom so it is easier on the back and never makes hard spots on the ass.

If you still have back issues put a soft towel folded in half on the seat part. great for those 12-16 hour days when your still young or 10ish hours for old people. $340 CDN

Update the backrest was the next peice to break, I used some 3d printed tslot and threadrod to fix it while I wait on a new one. wip fax machine for linux using soundcards