Some Invention Idea’s

  • router packet verify method to check if outgoing packets match outgoing on router if os is sending extra
  • 3d see, camera parascope for phones to take 3d pictures.
  • helium / hydrogen filled balloons / metal spheres that float for power collection/ lightning rods
  • sail flap based vawt – wind turbine based on seen designs
  • minature desktop fooseball table
  • induction heater for steel toes.
  • ir camera smoke detector for watching stovetop burners – possibly a wiimote or amg8833
  • arduino based barbot – drink machine based on seen designs
  • de-ice mats for infront of doors or slippery spots outside.
  • laser line markers for snowy roads to show where stop lines and division lines are. would not pose a visual hazard if it were directly above or where the car would not drive into it.

Oil And Gas

  • Tesla turbines for flair stacks
  • tesla turbine flow meter that dont plug up and require yearly kfactor adjustment.
  • arduino peizo pig detector for pipelines
  • crown out protector for oilrigs while swabing.
  • induction steel toe heater.
  • widespread helium extraction from natural gas for lifting vehicles
  • poo cannon to replace plastic wraped turd burners on rigs. mixes with regular soil to dry out and mix could shoot it far into the bush after compressing.


  • magnetic fencing pliers
  • variable size pail holder for front/back  of quads
  • edible hemp twine for making bails
  • gps lawnmower / farming equipment
  • xray for cows – preg checking
  • multiple bail feeding system.

Cooking / kitchen

  • spaghetti making waffle iron
  • metal cake stencil for making darker spots on cakes
  • automatic buttered toast / bread maker machine dispenser.
  • smart toaster with browning sensor
  • fire extinguisher hose for regular sink tap fittable rubber adapter ends


  • air scoop snow remover for back windows on cars
  • replaceable / removable aluminum chairs that pull out of front of truck  maybe under headlights
  • folding bench seat that installs in hitch – mostly for partying near water
  • speaker based horn for vehicle/ fake engine sounds / talking sensors
  • remote electric heater for vehicles


  • wifi based arrow triangulation system for tracking game.
  • arduino / stepper motor motorized fishing jigger
  • cross based 3d printer for larger projects   +  use 2 or 4 arms to build houses possibly 50 ton picker arms.