Farming good place for farm equipment sales.

ebay for best online auction prices for larger or harder to find items including larger specialy machinery. i have not used this site much but it does have a feedback system in place.


The Bees Knees


Farming Ideas

  • cattle xray machine for preg checking
  • magnetic fencing pliers for getting removing staples from fence posts.
  • conductive horse blanket with possibly with Aracon kevlar based fabric to conduct heat away from horses back. could also just use metal wires and vertical tubes on the bottom that use convection to cool them.
  • more humain way of killing pigs than sludge hammers, using electro shock or putting them to sleep / knocking them out first.
  • diy guillotine for farmers. would work well for goats , hogs or larger animals.

automatic bail feeding machine for cattle

automatic bail feeding machine for horses and other animals. could use fewer bails , would run on 5hp electric motor could bust bails using side or front mount.

see the shock collars page for conditioning/steering animals with gps.

  • would like to know if hemp based bail twine would be edible to cows making twine removal before feeding unnecessary and easier for winter feeding.
  • a edible netwrap is being developed aswell but is still 5 years away from market according to the article.