Month: June 2019

tecan June 14, 2019

Green Car Congress – Hyundai and Kia invest in autonomous vehicle technology company Aurora Green Car Congress – UK Faraday Battery Challenge awards £23M to support development of electrified car batteries CBC | Canada News – Surging temperatures break 18 heat records in southern B.C. MIT News – Biology – Genetics – biophysics – New […]

tecan June 11, 2019

Next Big Future – IonQ Trapped Ion Computers in US and Quantum Computers In Europe Thingiverse – Newest Things – Laser Air Assist Nozzle for 33×33 mm laser diode housing. Slashdot – AMD Unveils Zen 2 CPU Architecture, Navi GPU Architecture and a Slew of Products Slashdot – Type A Blood Converted To Universal Donor […]

tecan June 8, 2019

Green Car Congress – Mercedes-AMG 2L, turbo four-cylinder pushes out up to 421 hp, 500 Nm Next Big Future – NASA Posts Prices for Space With Separate Pricing for Toilet and Food Engadget – China warns tech firms against cooperating with US trade ban Engadget – Maker Faire ceases operations amid financial trouble Engadget – […]

tecan June 2, 2019

Thingiverse – Newest Remixes – Maya calendar for vertical print Slashdot – The Invention of USB, ‘The Port That Changed Everything’ Slashdot – NLNet Funds Development of a Libre RISC-V 3D CPU Slashdot – John Romero Finally Releases Fifth Episode of ‘Doom’ For Free Hacker News – Compiling C to WebAssembly Without Emscripten Green Car […]