Month: June 2021

netpipe June 30, 2021 c++ version   i had it ported to c++

netpipe June 30, 2021

Someone should get a filament extruder and see what it takes to print 100% cannabis sourced plastic for smoking or eating from thats biodegradable after. with sift hash retail prices only being 10 dollars per gram bulk prices would put that to about 5 or 3 dollars per gram.   I have often noticed different […]

netpipe June 29, 2021

new technologies such as separate from system encrypted key enabled charging , and also anti-tamper technologies are needed and should prevent drone swarm takeovers in the future. im not sure why stores like 7-11, amazon and wallmart are so far behind on deliverys specially during covid. 2016 was 5 years ago already when they made […]

netpipe June 27, 2021

Energy News – France Passes Green Rooftop Law CBC | Canada News – First phase of vaccine certification going live in July for travellers entering Canada CBC | Canada News – Police smash couple’s living room window with armoured vehicle in drug raid that finds nothing CBC | Canada News – Fully vaccinated woman died […]

netpipe June 24, 2021

the bridge whos shared cost could reduce polution and connect both halfs of the globe with an easier way to get around.   was thinking the costs could be shared like usa 10% canada 50% and russia 40% i checked the depths and on the canada side its around 50m depth and on the russian side […]

netpipe June 19, 2021

ARCANITE USB Flash drives are amazing, 35mb write and 90 mb/s read consistently without getting warm even from my laptop usb3 hub. perfect for virtual machines(virtualbox) or bootable OS’s from USB. seems to have less large file size limitations than other usb drives. was even able to emulate android inside a iso containing lineage OS […]

netpipe June 17, 2021

Next Big Future – Israel Air Strikes Hamas Tunnels Next Big Future – Aluminum Ion Batteries Has Interesting Research Next Big Future – Recyclable Polypeptide Battery Next Big Future – US Passes $250 Billion Technology Bill for Chips, AI and Robotics Next Big Future – Breakthrough in Understanding How Effective Tissue Regeneration Works Next Big […]

netpipe June 17, 2021

Slashdot – Microsoft Says Windows 10X Isn’t Happening Slashdot – Ethereum Staking Will Drop Power Consumption By 99% Slashdot – Ford Unveils the F-150 Lightning, Its All-Electric Pickup Truck That Will Start Under $40,000 Slashdot – China Unveils First Mars Photos From Zhurong Rover Slashdot – Linux on Chromebooks is Finally Coming Out of Beta […]

netpipe June 16, 2021

Hack a Day – Shop Exhaust Fan Salvaged from Broken Microwave Hack a Day – With a Big Enough Laser, the World is Your Sensor Hack a Day – Retrotechtacular: Double For Nothing Hack a Day – Persistent Displays with UV Light Hack a Day – High Voltage Gives Metal Balls a Mind of their […]