A53 / Orange Pi 2

for 40 or 50 dollars you can have a pretty decent linux development system with opensource gpu videodrivers in the works. Features better hardware than NES/SNES classic for less than half the price.

IVIEW-I708Q 7 Inch 1gb/16GB Android Tablet Intel Atom Quad Cord CPU 9591

6D95-7-Q88H-Allwinner-A33-Android-4-4-Camera-WiFi-1G-8GB-Tablet-PC-Quad-Core   not sure if there is easy install yet for these. the newer allwinner soc’s have multios support makes this easier.



https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Orangepi-PC2-H5-ARM-Development-Module-Cortex-A53-Quad-core-64-bitASS/263682031068 40 dollars

do not power up with OTG port or it will fry the 5 legged ic infront of it. that or it was shipped that way.


https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Orange-Pi-Lite2-One-Plus-H6-1GB-Quad-Core-Development-Board-Support-Android7-0/183533737635 ordered one of these