RaspberryPI / Orange Pi 2 / ARM

for 40 or 50 dollars you can have a pretty decent linux development system with opensource gpu videodrivers in the works. Features better hardware than NES/SNES classic for less than half the price.

raspberry pi zero – 6 dollar computer

Irrlicht Engine • View topic – Raspberry Pi Zero – 7 dollar computer 55 FPS – has a link to a compiled version of my engine for RaspberryPI 4b and 400. hopefully zero version soon.



if you want to see some of the hardware options available check the diet pi OS website has a neat GUI for viewing them.


Old News

old options, cherry trail processors are pretty good if you need x86 compatability they run about 2-8 watts and later versions were called intel atom cpu

IVIEW-I708Q 7 Inch 1gb/16GB Android Tablet Intel Atom Quad Cord CPU 9591

6D95-7-Q88H-Allwinner-A33-Android-4-4-Camera-WiFi-1G-8GB-Tablet-PC-Quad-Core   not sure if there is easy install yet for these. the newer allwinner soc’s have multios support makes this easier.



https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Orangepi-PC2-H5-ARM-Development-Module-Cortex-A53-Quad-core-64-bitASS/263682031068 40 dollars

do not power up with OTG port or it will fry the 5 legged ic infront of it. that or it was shipped that way.


https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Orange-Pi-Lite2-One-Plus-H6-1GB-Quad-Core-Development-Board-Support-Android7-0/183533737635 ordered one of these