Here we have some of the better priced routers on ebay. if you need a nice openwrt beginner router for your daily driver ide recommend archer c7 because of the dual band 5 ghz mode + the easy webflash option. pickup a c7 v2 router for under 80 dollars. if you’re good with linux the xiomi miwifi r3 option was fun too.

the cheepest more advanced option for a wrt router would be a a5-v11 $8 router with a usb hub and usb ethernet adapter.

a few pictures soon, maybe an adhoc writeup.

a good way to minimize security risk is to block in/out udp traffic on router. also limit outgoing traffic with iptables makes running a vnc server harder to do in bursts.

iptables -A OUTPUT -m limit –limit 1/s -j ACCEPT

/etc/init.d/firewall restart

remove rule by doing

/etc/init.d/firewall restart
iptables -D OUTPUT -m limit –limit 1/s -j ACCEPT