Missed and Stolen Investments

Missed and Stolen Investments. I had not gotten credit or money for these.


  • Algae c02 capture for power plants – missed by GOC
  • Geothermal energy capture on ring of fire using Tesla Turbines. – missed by GOC
  • gravitational vortex hydropower – was set to have the patent rights for north america – missed by GOC
  • tesla turbines for flarestacks and flow meters – missed by GOC
  • free ashfault logs provided by the community for anyone to repair roads with. even free bags of lime might work. – missed
  • Laser roads for winter to see the driving lines and signs – was taken for hockey and roadsigns – i also came up with a light for power poles to see cars coming over the hill.
  • Guitar Hero – stolen from irrlicht forums
  • Jube jube vitamins
  • 3d printers – I had gotten the idea from someone using hotglue to make PCB cases.
  • GPS lawnmower – John Deer stole this from me without giving any credit.
  • E-cigarette
  • Arduino boards – had posted the need for electronic project boards to IRC based on old satellite cards.
  • Wifi smoke detectors / IR smoke detectors for oventops , Wifi doorbell
  • eeg text to speech using AI




Its pointless to email the Canadian government, your ideas will probably get stolen and you wont find any money. also emails never seem to get replied to anymore.