Month: December 2021

netpipe December 30, 2021

if you need one of these let me know at . I will be making these smaller and lighter also with shoes option hopefully in the new year. Happy New Years! working for up and down + left right and tap for drums auction almost over for an assembled one

netpipe December 27, 2021   although its a dwarf tomato plant it looked like with more tweaking it could easily yeild more possibly with hydroponics.

netpipe December 19, 2021

I wonder what the minature version of this looks like if it could be attached to the log itself and only spin 20 or 30 sheets slowly instead of 3000 possibly getting logs prerolled/milled for it.

netpipe December 19, 2021

Signed Kernel Modules | Linux Journal found this recently which made me wonder about encrypted kernel and kernel modules themselfs. maybe there is a special code obfuscator that could be used to make hacking harder to do in the memory ?

netpipe December 17, 2021

CBC | Canada News – Canada’s first homegrown COVID-19 vaccine shows high efficacy Hacker News – How a Kalman filter works, in pictures Hacker News – HTTP/3 Is Fast Hack a Day – Ham Radio SSB Transceiver Fits in Pocket Hack a Day – An NFC Antenna Ring With A Chip As Its Jewel Hack […]

netpipe December 16, 2021 works with lmms as an expression device. could also work as drums  too by putting the pressure sensors inside popbottles. its for wind instruments like bagpipes and flutes.