MacOSX Dev

Development on OSX seems pretty straight forward sofar.

Brew : command line app for getting dev packages compiled everything runs natively without xserver or xquartz running.

MacPorts : can be installed without giving root aswell easily uses /opt/ folder it creates. maybe a guide soon. there are a few things to do to get the file manager and shell to look proper from factory install, some of them settings to be put in from the shell.

CodeBlocks 17 – package comming soon. fixed header compile order issue in sqvm.c file then it compiled great.

Irrlicht – compile library with XCode then CodeBlocks is able to compile libirrlicht.a into projects. -framework’s are needed in the linker options.

VNC server with MacOSX screen sharing is a tad slow, so im trying to figure out a way to setup x11vnc to do this or some other way.


opengl is said to be being depreciated in new osx versions in favor of metal/vulcan. i do think that opengl support will remain around though for compatability reasons and older software support.