said to be the rolls royce of computers, OSX very capable operating system that has the perks of linux with added security and support.

the app store is full of apps that do not run on older IOS 9.3 devices, it would have been easy for them to seperate the two hopefully that happens soon so ipad 2 users arnt wasting their time.

there are alot of missing apps that compile easy for OSX that work great on linux. i’ll post some app repo’s soon. VNC stuff

Development on OSX seems pretty straight forward sofar.

qtCreator is fairly large but has all the deployment stuff you need for newer ipads. ios 9.3 support is a bit tricky you have to add it in 10.1 xcode first its an extra 1.5 gb download click the properties -> components -> simulators and download 9.3 .

Brew : command line app for getting dev packages compiled everything runs natively without xserver or xquartz running.

android studio

MacPorts : can be installed without giving root aswell easily uses /opt/ folder it creates. maybe a guide soon. there are a few things to do to get the file manager and shell to look proper from factory install, some of them settings to be put in from the shell.

CodeBlocks 17 – package comming soon. fixed header compile order issue in sqvm.c file then it compiled great.




Irrlicht – compile library with XCode then CodeBlocks is able to compile libirrlicht.a into projects. -framework’s are needed in the linker options.

VNC server with MacOSX screen sharing is a tad slow, so im trying to figure out a way to setup x11vnc to do this or some other way.

  • iGlance is really handy for system monitoring


OpenGL is said to be being depreciated in new OSX versions in favor of Metal/Vulcan. i do think that opengl support will remain around though for compatability reasons and older software support.


Resetting Ipad and Iphone passwords

Great for getting good deals on ebay, be sure to keep the seller information maybe even printit out when buying items like that.

was pretty easy hold power button and home button untill the ipad reboots, keep holding it until you see a usb cable ontop of an apple device. at that point you connect to itunes and do a restore, it will update and wipe the ipad.


Installing OSX in VirtualBox

This worked for me after purchasing snow leopard for 30 dollars from apple store.

Installing MacOS Guest in VirtualBox upgrading snow leopard has been a chore sofar , you have to fully update the system after that itunes would not open and el capitan wont or install possibly from only having one cpu for virtualbox(only way snowleopard would boot) so i have to try yosemite next then lion if needed.


run these replace osx with your vm name

VBoxManage modifyvm osx --cpus 1
VBoxManage modifyvm osx --vram 128
VBoxManage setextradata osx VBoxInternal2/EfiGopMode 5

one line for these
VBoxManage setextradata osx "VBoxInternal2/SmcDeviceKey" "ourhardworkbythesewordsguardedpleasedontsteal(c)AppleComputerInc"

QT Creator topic i started on compiling for osx


for qt 5.12 you’ll need to add this. also you’ll want to add this repo then update and add qt 5.9.3 if you want to compile for ipad 2/ios 9.3 devices. support was removed in qt 5.10 for older hardware.

NTFS support

would not recommend using NTFS support with OSX (high sierra). i had one drive go corrupt when reading it on Linux after using it on OSX

CD/DVD Authoring

There are stock tools for DVD authoring included with OSX. There is also an application called Burn from brew that works great for burning images


Game Engine