Linux Audio

if your usb soundcard and speakers are making a high pitched squeel try putting it through a usb hub.

Recommended Hardware

  • rocksmith usb adapter from an xbox 360 for guitar.
  • PODxt
  • ableton launchpad – with launchpad-ctrl opensource drivers
  • zoom h2
  • ableton triggerfinger
  • 5.1 digital sound from c106 usb audio
  • velocity sensitive keyboard/piano with midi jack – m-audio has a nice keyboard but its midi only
  • 7 string guitar
  • 6 string guitar with fishman trippleplay midi converter



usb condenser microphone  – ebay 20 dollars. great linux support


  • ardour – great for midi and audio recording
  • lmms – midi production, is going to have live sample recording soon
  • audacity – great for raw audio recording
  • mixxx – mixing songs together also for turntables
  • qjackctl – for managing audio connections
  • milky tracker – amazingly fun opensource crossplatform tracker there are alot of songs available for it at gread for musicians with OCD

Windows Software

If you are needing something solid and you want to get serious about being a live musician give Ableton Live a try.I would say the workflow is better as an artist than what linux can provide in one application.

Voice Synth – Hawking Edition

Beastie Boys – fight for the right to party.

voice the comments say its a virus though.


MIDI guitars

aparently guitarix and rakarrack both have this feature of guitar to midi converter


roland dk3 and di10 work well for getting the midi from acoustic and electric but cost $$

casio dg1 10 20 and 30 are still about $200 and have been around since early 1980’s

fishman connect is around 250 dollars for guitar to midi aswell. really looks like best option for midi guitar



have tested this to be working better than peizo pickups, using microphones on arduino nano.

going to use these for the midi shoes eventually aswell.