Linux Audio

if your usb soundcard and speakers are making a high pitched squeel try putting it through a usb hub

Recommended Hardware

  • rocksmith usb adapter from an xbox 360 for guitar.
  • PODxt
  • ableton launchpad – with launchpad-ctrl opensource drivers
  • zoom h2
  • ableton triggerfinger
  • 5.1 digital sound from c106 usb audio

usb condenser microphone  – ebay 20 dollars. great linux support


  • ardour3
  • lmms
  • audacity
  • mixxx
  • qjacctl – for managing audio connections

Windows Software

If you are needing something solid and you want to get serious about being a live musician give Ableton Live a try.I would say the workflow is better as an artist than what linux can provide in one application.

Voice Synth – Hawking Edition

Beastie Boys – fight for the right to party.

voice the comments say its a virus though.