RaspberryPi Zero



silent and nice 5v fan from buyapi.com none of the other kits were available.   noticed the transistors and resistors can be picked off easily so becareful with yours. also I suggest the bottom air holes to keep things cooler. the zero’s did not get hot enough to require any cooling other than a nice heatsink seemed to be the same with video card going at same time.

the board can slide in and out with the hotglued hdmi connectors still which is nice if you have to work on it.

rpi4b uses 2.5 watts


found some homemade batteries for these, remember copper is poisonous(same with the blue/green corrosion stuff ) so put them into something that can be safely be disposed of after. burrying these underground might keep them at the proper moisture.



computer uses 0.02 amps and 5v at idle on the rpi0w with wireless enabled. – could enable the wearable computer that never needs charging, the esp8266 uses less i think but its less computer too.


I ziptied the ethernet usb hub to the pi0 inserted tinycorelinux 12 arm6 or arm11. neat project for experienced developers. i was able to get the network working with net-usb package and placing it on the tce drive (partition 2) in a new folder. be sure after you get the ssh or ssl certs it generates initially and setup your new partition run filetool.sh -b from commandline and reboot. copied the net-usb-KERNEL.tcz package into my optional folder for tce I was able to tce-load -i it :OK then copied the package into the onboot.lst folder was under openssl.tcz was able to reboot then network came right up afterward was seeing more than one entry in the ifconfig output. jwm was tried and it seems plenty fast for window manager.




can be more secure and smaller/faster than traditional linux setups. will be trying irrlicht game engine on it soon aswell as quake2 and quake3 benchmarks for 1ghz computer


newer nvidia quadcores and 8 core jetson agx. also i hear mac is going to be using arm in their newer laptops. these 1ghz pi0’s are entry level but can make great dev platforms with tinycorelinux.



extra links

shows raspberrypi os running what looks to be opencl video drivers,

after compiling glfw i was able to see some nice performance out of the gles system.

working on compiling irrlicht but its a bit bumpy sofar

buying a handheld keyboard worked great, i went the non bluetooth option with the mouse above the keyboard and it worked great after filing the edges off.




openwrt is also available for raspberrypi so i am excited to make some routers with it.


also would recommend getting a usb3 to hdmi capture card for 10 dollars off ebay.

might not be best but it only gets a little warm if you leave it on all the time so it looks great. guvcview is what i use for it. works well on usb 2 aswell.


RaspPIglfw.JPG screenshot showing some of the glfw examples https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=222264 only the particles demo seemed to slow anything down.





irrlicht compiled with gl4es replacement GL.so instead i used codeblocks to do the linking then did same in example.cbp and ran the example to see it going as fast as the minecraft examples.https://github.com/ptitSeb/gl4es was able to get demo 04.Movement in irrlicht upto  55 FPS smooth mouse even at 4k resolution


How much power does Pi Zero W use?



not sure if this is real because the actual usb port is suposed to go into an existing pcie card or mini pcie, think i’ve tried this before.


e-ink displays are neat but multi-color ones some have 7 colors but the refresh rates still need a bit of work. the upside is that the image remains without power and it uses like 50 mAh per day instead of 700 for some displays.


http://mloduchowski.com/en/blog/raspberry-pi-4-b-pci-express/ adding pci-e cards to rpi have even seen cuda working. the module version has this option stock.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e_ARmfUFxc 1600 mhz for rpi0 ?


RaspberryPi – OpenWRT

will post the packages used later.


Arch Linux

have seen videos on youtube to get the wifi workin and install it.  here are a few extra links i’ve found that help