Jobs / Hazards

trick to surviving in the oil patch is to not let them work you too hard and to not work too hard (also safty these days is must).

summertime if the job is not one where you’ll end up very oily strip down to boxers and coveralls only to stay cool. also a white hardhat helps the rig style ones with a brim can help keep sun off the neck.

induction fields(like seeing what an old CRT tv near magnetic fields does) and ultrasonic noises (high pressure gas)


pipe fitter

keep fingers out of pinch points and away from ends of pipes when someone is on the other end.


welders helper

wire wheels spray brushes that can get into your legs cheeks and skin, they can come out like ingrown hairs after years sometimes after being embedded into the bone.

blue metalic tint safty glasses do the trick really well for avoiding most flashes that can cause welders flash.


bluebooks – journeyman tickets

bluebook is an asset for most workers because it guarentee’s a raise usually. they are hard to get setup initially but if you are persistent they might fire you. hours is required for first year typically and goes really quick.


MIG welder be safe and use proper welding helmet and charge get one with a test button because mig burns brighter than regular welder when looking at it. also beware its more of a firehazard aswell because it spits more.




hard work and long fast days when spinning rods or setting strings. swabbing days are still pretty busy usually.

you’ll have cold fingers in the winter and hot head in the summer heat.

300 hours for greenhand status. can be some pretty intensive workout for your body the first month or 4.

trapped objects inside a pipe letting loose. dont walk close to fresh strings of pulled pipes infront of the ends. has happened when using cutting torch on pipe too.


winter jobs

ninja gloves (rubber coated) with extra set of inliners to keep moisture out and warm hands.

neck warmers make days go by fast and cover the mouth area longer by staying dryer because of more available dry surface area to use..

winter rubber boots work best for most jobs and home use 180-220 CAD for a pair typically. keep them out of sunlight and oil to make them last longer.

be careful of using the air heat pads in your gloves and boots ( emits alot of c02 )


sleeping on the job

4 hours minimum before work will get you through a rough night/day.


easy jobs

  • fire watch
  • weed picking
  • weed spraying
  • air quality monitoring
  • first aid
  • plc programmer


Pro/Self Defense/survival