Game Towns

  • Game Towns for low income housing and care
  • main tent for visitors to see minigolf pool and restaraunt
  • browse outer booths for products / services from housing
  • outer corrigated plastic sheets with cardboard inside houses for 4 people to share warmth, double door for keeping cold air out. either a community generator for 10-20 watts of power per house
  • access to running water and stainless steel community washboard / tub / floor for cloths
  • radio tracking bracelet with unique ids , get caught without it could loose house, or smart phone required on person at all times , no service just wifi to track people, if signal lost then security is sent
  • help create jobs by working on other peoples houses, help build 8-10 houses get materials for yours free
  • curfew and patrol jobs, criminal background checks to be able to stay
  • pay entry fee as a visitor to bring money to the town by providing lunches with beautyful ladies , mini golf , entertainment
  • money provides free food to the people / water /electricity
  • provide public services for out of town cleaning , labour , party entertainment

build septic tanks with 3d cement printer or molds

could make cement pads like this with pex pipe for thermal storage for under a mobile home , the pipes are tight cables . instant foundation no need for piles