Neat Attractions

Tesla Coils

Mouse Circus

Mini Golf Courses

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picture from Haunted Trails Burbank
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airsoft indoor shooting range

Minature Motorized Vehicles

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minature speed boats like the ones that used to be at wonder world. they had remote shutdown incase racers wen outside the bouy markers or were hitting other boaters.

go carts – electric / gas

bumper cars

underpowered seadoo racing


bulldozer – loony game

roulette wheel – some of the easiest odds to play 50/50

use old satellite dish to make one of these, could use 3d printer for center peice or just use a tube rather than secondary cone. use 2 layers of cloth to make hyperbolic version then cement it

gaming cafes

would be neat to have mechanical versions with fast servo response.



A Shocking Wizard Duel

might be a fun alternative to laser tag and paintball.