Internet Relay Chat – IRC

Some of the oldest and best way to chat online. provides file sending , secure communication, ASCII art and colors and lots of fun ways to script interaction.  web based irc client for freenode

thunderbird – email client

cannachat-msvc beta client for windows users

Servers And Channels

If you like to be secure use ssl here is a portlist.

use /join /help /list commands in the input boxes

EFNET    –  /server -ssl

/join #electronics,#chemistry,#physics

FREENODE –    /server -ssl

  • #bash – great place to get bash scripting help/advice
  • #c++
  • #python
  • #openyou
  • #tinycorelinux – very small and fast linux distribution
  • #ai
  • #machinelearning
  • #electronics – general electronics discussion.
  • #news
  • #reprap – 3d printers
  • #linuxcnc – CNC stuff
  • #hackaday – great place to post a project idea or ask a question about arduino projects
  • #arduino

Clients   << my modified version of xchat with some of the hexchat enhancements.

Thunderbird actually has pretty good irc client aswell now.

2 based on libIRCclient compiles for Windows and Linux using Code::Blocks

3D Scriptable IRC client

Irrlicht based, with bitmap fonts based on libircclient or libcommuni and QT/Irrlicht integration.