BCI – brain computer interfaces

AI – Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence

Magnets And Aura’s

Tonsole Stones



is hell a prison for the mind because telepathy is real ?

quantum tunnels / entanglement do that to me, i believe hell is just a state of mind. i believe that pyramid frequency’s can cause quantum strangeness and time travel.

i think the future of BCI will be to quantum entangle a neuron or a quantum tunnel on an object planted in the brain or body for wireless interfaces. would work better than neural link. possibly a whole eardrum. 1200km or 750 mile range sofar

would like to connect it to a gpu or movidius 2, could allow thought sharing or telepathy.


likely Consperacy theroy’s and Recipe’s for Crazyness – misdiagnosed schitsophrenia

  • Arien telepaths with technology in the quantum realm possibly a german/asian union.
  • An old game with moms that mistreated their kids that sent their parrents to hell on a loop.
  • alien/government control.
  • self designed hell’s to put things in when done.


DNA Sequencing – looks neat


maybe it has applications for treating sciatic nerve pain and other pain in the butts