BCI – brain computer interfaces

AI – Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence

Magnets And Aura’s

Tonsole Stones



is hell a prison for the mind because telepathy is real ?

quantum tunnels / entanglement do that to me, i believe hell is just a state of mind. pyramid frequency’s can cause quantum strangeness and time travel.

i think the future of BCI will be to quantum entangle a neuron or a quantum tunnel on an object planted in the brain or body for wireless interfaces. would work better than neural link. possibly a whole eardrum. 1200km or 750 mile range sofar

would like to connect it to a gpu or movidius 2, could allow thought sharing or telepathy.


likely Consperacy theroy’s and Recipe’s for Crazyness – misdiagnosed schitsophrenia

  • Arien telepaths with technology in the quantum realm possibly a german/asian union.
  • An old game with moms that mistreated their kids that sent their parrents to hell on a loop.
  • alien/government control.
  • self designed hell’s to put things in when done.


DNA Sequencing – looks neat


maybe it has applications for treating sciatic nerve pain and other pain in the butts


blueprint for designing an AI

if you give it filesystem access with some books and movies to learn with and instructions in obvious spot to write when it was able to understand what the instructions were like “write hello here after the semicolon when smart enough:” or in a seperate file with the means to do it easily by accessing lettered files in a words folder to make new files in another folder or in a textfile on the filesystem. have something checking for it and run it for a while. has to be easy for something to use and see changes working.

if it can learn to read and understand on its own itd be smarter than a human.