Marijuana Strains

some great places i’ve personally used to get seeds.

Seeds use this referral cupon and I get 20% commision ” NO3UK1O “.  their seeds only germinate like 50% of the time and im not sure about quality warranty because it expires after 3 months. also the warranty process is a pita if you have to explain anything complicated like it sprouted but has no center leafs. they carry reeferman genetics RMG seeds, i recently ordered cherrybomb, vanilla , and pink kush to try. i had to email for order processing help but it was prompt response and its shipping soon(update arrived with 6 free seeds(pintarkush)). I would love to find petrolia headstash again. had tried reeferman seeds in the past and had found them exceptional “cherrybomb 2” was one of my favs. – has mz jill’s jillybean strain with all the extra flavors like lime , cherry and grape also a G13 strain for the paranoia runs. also 250+ other pages of great looking strains. also has shipping to Canada available unlike other genuine vendors listed on her website. some pretty unique seeds / including genetically modified strains and low light strain with high thc – i plan to order some seeds in the future from them. – was waiting to try these seeds out also have single seeds available. – great looking seeds from an old company – going to be ordering a few soon.


Custom Auto-Flower Pictures -soon

Remember if you are a cig smoker to have scissors around to cut the light tip off the smoke to save half for later. you should not be having a complete cig everytime when smoking weed.

One week into legalization here in canada and legal seeds are still hard to get. hopefully that changes soon.

when dealing with strains like lemon or sour remember not to overdue it, they are very powerful and have a long lasting effect on the taste buds/lungs, they are better in crosses usually.


someone came up with the idea for having $1 joints thats probably .5 gram samplers so $2 grams which are great. we need a joint dispenser with airtight sealed container and a checkvalve for air everytime a joint is dispensed to get the cost down even lower. i may have even seen paper tubes being used. possibly even double walled stuff for moisture protection. i almost half expect to see mylar wrapped shiny single joints one  day.


  • Lemon OG kush – very powerful, nice blend for the occasional action hoot.
  • Sensi Star – very intense.
  • Sour Tangie – too sour.
  • Blue Cheese – nice high well blended, little bit sedative (the happy part of the high should last longer).
  • Hindu Kush – one of my favs, uplifting and happy. (dont buy milled version from tweed)
  • Candy Land – seems like a bit much (need to do something) , great flavor , body buzz.
  • Ocean View – really nice taste and high, bit cheesy.

  • MK-Ultra –  very strange on its own has paranoia and a bit of have to do something but dont know what. (would not keep it for everyday smoking)
  • Easy Cheese – forget your worries and take a nap
  • Blue Dream – makes the head feel great. energetic clear happy uplifting and nice body buzz. (mild pain killer)
  • Quantum Kush – very nice high , energetic and clear (needs more sustaining happy in it though).
  • San Rafael has too much stinky plastic for its packaging would be better in jars. not sure i would recommend this brand.
  • San Rafael pink kush – chewing on the stem made me have to poop and felt weird (may not even smoke any)
  • San Rafael tangerine dream – smells really really good a bit like jillybean , have not smoked it yet.
  • San Rafael Dela Haze –
  • Hash Plant – not too mellow, pretty good stuff.
  • Diesel –
  • Alien Kush – Really nice smoke, unlike other weeds and it is very relaxing.
  • Jack Herer – Really nice, seems clear and energetic a little bit jittery / antsy. burns dark
  • Chocolate Fondue – seems like a calm uplifting high with focus for tasks has a pleasant chocolate appeal to it can taste it in the smoke and after taste, tingles a bit. leaves you wanting more when you are already high enough, not sure why. goes really well with tobacco pleasing unique smell/taste.
  • Bluebery Kush – really nice smoke, tastes like blueberry cheese.
  • Lemon Skunk – not too sour very nice after taste.
  • Banana Split – tastes like JillyBean with banana aftertaste, had the urge to crap after maybe its crossed with holy shit.
  • Fantacy Island – really great indica strain, has long lasting happy high with taste of melons.
  • white widow – has anti addictive qualities to it, very clear, calm and energetic, reduces cigarette cravings.
  • white shark – alot of fentanyl issue.
  • jersey – not sure if its fentanyl but when you smoke it you have to lay down because of respiratory issues(like getting jerseyed in hockey).

I’m not sure I could smoke an entire joint of any of these strains yet (not like homegrown). Fantasy Island or blueberry strain would be a good joint to share.

  • JillyBean – one of my favorite strains, Space Queen and Orange Skunk.
  • Pink Ruderallis – great outdoor plants very nice smoke, small 3 feet tall plants with purple tint to leafs when finished , has kindof a piney hint to the taste. hermie plants are nice if you breed them properly (adding new genetics/ cross breeding features)and like to give away seeds (if the deer dont eat them first)


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