3D Printing

this new metal printer should open up new possability’s.

https://shop.thevirtualfoundry.com/collections/filamet << metal filament available now 🙂


my page on thingverse





$42 CDN shipped for  2 x 1kg spools of PLA best price, be sure to wash parts off after.




printing pla on gluestick

   If you want a fun new hobby or looking to extend your engineering capability’s pickup a Davinci 1.0 off Ebay or Newegg.ca for 400 USD shipped to your door in 3 days or spend more and get one with dual extruders (both supported in Repetier firmware), though changing PLA filament mid print works good too. spend a week learning to print with different materials on different materials.

   First off you will need to figure out how to flash your Davinci. it uses the bossa atmel transfer protocol  for sending the firmware.



  1. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:623274   one of these put a peice of blue kapton tape on the bottom of it to isolate the hotend part.
  2. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:592197 << filament guide and back corner bracket, mine were printed in abs and still worked well.
  3. spool rollers / hangers https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2966732

Printrun and cura to do all the slicing and dicing.


http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:722204 settings for Cura and repetierhost — Cura profiles for loading stl files and exporting proper sliced gcode ,   after the first layer frints good turn the hotbed off the prints stick great for the whole print.


zombie fan coolerfirst print with abs after the cube.

https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2934923 the backside fan was left stock but the printed cover would probably work good for it too.

Scaled up the ring to 1.1 someone should take the time to make a proper print/clip for it.

PS3 eyetoy works really good with guvcview. i had to invert the picture because the camera was hotglued to the camera mounting bracket upside down.


  • Repetier 0.92 – version seems to work well (specialized for davinci printers)
  • waiting for a transend wifi sd card, should be interesting.
  • PEI film for printing on, a better than tape alternative if you dont mind leving the heatbed on for quick prints. mcmasters seems to be the cheepest sofar for a 1/16 th sheet. amazon sells too. I have seen nice green 3m stickers that should do the trick too.
  • Printing on bare glass from my experiance is not worth the hassle sofar because materials are not always same, when PVA glue watermix is used great easy prints result.
  • Blender3D works great for 3D printers because it comes with a 3d print toolbox plugin for volume calculations and measurement tools.


wasted pla strings 640x480-IMG_0234800x600-IMG_0236

Well theres about 141 deg difference between the temperature needed from the hotend and bed for this fluorescent filament to make it stick to glass on the first layer, i havnt gotten much further than that without glue yet.


Things To Watch for while printing

  • Some things to watch for the y axis belts can get misaligned by being off a few teeth on a belts between the x carridge and the double y drive axle and it will no longer hit the endstop when homing or as free when moving it but it is very easy to miss untill you’ve cranked your homing feedrates up haha. also the y axis bearing holders are delicate so take it easy untill you get everything running smoothly.
  • Curling on the base , it can happen anytime during the print from random bumps or what have it, if its an emergency to hold a corner i found hotglue to work ok , i’ve herd of using hairspray to restick fallen off parts too.
  • PVA aka any white school glue from the dollar store works excellent applied in a few layers in a 1:10 ratio roughly   I’ve been getting good luck with 210-215  first layer, then down to 208 with a 78 C bed for the first layer 70 for 10 layers then off for the rest. have had a bottle last years without mold.


  • thermistor falling out of the thermistor hole on the hotend. can cause overheating and gassing. use extra washer or wire to secure it better.
  • repetier firmware has filament change issue where the hotend stays on even with autoshutoff timer on.


  • If you want PEI sheets from http://www.mcmaster.com/#8685k43/=w7bfza  if your going to get 1/16 inch sheet for 30 dollars use a business name if you live anywhere other than usa or they will not ship to regular joes’s for some reason.
  • Blue painters tape is kindof a pain to put on , the best adhesion out of all of them, it wrecks the glossy look and smushes the first couple layers worth of detail if you do not adjust your gcode for the tape thickness. comes off fairly clean depending on the temp you layed down at. would say if you have a fine ABS part or a whole plate of parts use bluetape otherwise use PVA, PLA has no issues this way just use PVA and keep bed at 50+ deg C
  • There are also bed stickers that look like a viable option for ABS( have not needed to use mine yet)



I had issues with the hotend printing PLA so replaced it with https://www.ebay.ca/itm/3D-Printer-Universal-Hotend-w-MK10-nozzle-f-MK8-MK9-extruder-most-Extruders/252836580460

Hotend was easy drop in replacement.   the old one was made with a grinding wheel and vicegripts(not reccomended) because there wernt threads left its wired together on the right.




The Cubit 3D Printer


my homemade prusa i3


 Old Project


  • Melzi 644p board with sprinter firmware – i will upload later, under 50 dollars on ebay.
  • This board was a bit tricky to get working properly fuse settings and incode timing fix
  • avrdude -B 8 -patmega644P -c usbtiny -U lfuse:w:0xFF:m -U hfuse:
    w:0xDC:m -U efuse:w:0xFD:m
  • Also put this in the start loop somewhere to make things run properly on the 644p
    MCUCR|= (1<<JTD); MCUCR|= (1<<JTD);
    MCUCR|= (1<<JTD); MCUCR|= (1<<JTD);
  • i had a cnc made out of an old tv stand before this design which was pretty new and strange having the y axis that moved before reprap existed. then and i came up with this design after ,only reprap mendel existed at the time. funny how information on irc travels and evolves. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y58Ab192ggQ first linuxcnc project


The mosfet’s on the Melzi boards were melting off so an unused io pin from the many extra and attached this 4 mosfet beast to pwm the heatbed.


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  1. can you share your repetier host settings for the duo, if you have them or know where they can be found?

    Are there settings that need to be done from the menu on the printer? I flashed the firmware on my duo but didnt know if any of the settings needed to be set so I want back to the original firmware 🙁

    Would like to go to repetier host if i could find a good how-to


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