Month: February 2022

netpipe February 26, 2022

Covering Crops in Red Plastic Can Boost Yields Up to 37 Percent I have seen the same technique used on apples a red paper sleeve too and was wondering about it. i notice this same effect when using led grow bulbs from the company “globe” plants seem to really love the pinkish light. (too much […]

netpipe February 23, 2022

was wondering when the first autonomous robot for terracing will be invented. it can help regreen deserts and mountains also increase available farmland.  

netpipe February 22, 2022

To improve the economy during times of recession people should be allowed to grow Hemp and Cannabis without being bothered. Some places with a 4 plant limit like in Canada should be able to accommodate different reasons for growing cannabis or hemp because not all plant varietys are equal nor is it easy to study […]

netpipe February 17, 2022

Scientific American – News – Epstein-Barr Virus Found to Trigger Multiple Sclerosis Scientific American – News – Discovery of New HIV Variant Sends Warning for COVID Pandemic – latest science and technology news stories – CROPSR: A new tool to accelerate genetic discoveries in crops Hacker News – The complete idiot’s guide to OpenBSD […]

netpipe February 16, 2022

get your californiacation dvd boxsets ready because HIV cures are on the horizon from post covid. The first woman has been cured of HIV using donor stem cells The first people have received an experimental mRNA HIV vaccine