Solar Energy

for calculating power of sunlight its said to have roughly 1000 watts per m2 of available power for solar applications. solar hot water heator,-work,-and-heat/celsius-heat-units-to-joules


solar collectors can be built from aluminum flashing for foundations easily.

aluminum can solar collectors can be made easily too even without a glass top for non winter applications, have thought about using an old car before too.  great for hot water / air in summer winter depending on the build.

solar waterer system for cattle took a month to ship, eventually did come but i was unable to leave feedback for it on ebay. puts out about 3.5v and 0.6 amps – 2 watts on a overcast day not sure it would see a full 10 watts of power unless a concentrator was used. (if you get one of these wash it off good(mostly the sides of it where the plastic layers meet), not sure if it was something i did but i had chemical taste in my mouth afterwards) if they were to use peltier coolers as heat converters to make more power  it could get up to around 35% efficiency

25% efficient 75% heat waste

2% gain per 10 deg  cooling

5%-10% TEC peltier conversion

can find 2 of these for 1000 dollars on some listings