dual suspension is a great  option when choosing a frame. could probably be done with custom stuff some have been able to build a shock absorber into the seat.  wind powered bicycles.

Bike Picture 16 of 18 neat 80 cc motor kit for a standard bicycle $91 usd Electric Bike


get a Smart Helmet so you are more visible to other drivers in rain and fog. also installing lights on bike is a plus.


for most electric bikes its going to cost around 200 dollars for the bike kit + 200 for battery unless you build your own. (you’ll need a spot welder from ebay for 30 dollars the red ones i hear work well)


8000 watt bikes can be found with 60 – 120 km range and 50 – 110 km/h speed. charge time about 2 hours. the larger street/dirtbike tires are nice.

ups does not ship these to Canada so you may have to talk with the seller if outside of USA.