JillyBean AutoFlower

https://seedsherenow.com – has mz jill’s jillybean strain with all the extra flavors like lime , cherry and grape also a G13 strain for the paranoia runs. also 250+ other pages of great looking strains. also has shipping to Canada available unlike other genuine vendors listed on her website.


the official strain is recommended also dutchseedshop has great genetics because they buy and select in bulk. – mine had produced a great resulting plant


jellybean from canuck seed has some awesome orange traits, one plant smelt like gojo, the other two were unique oranges themselfs and super crystally.


I have jellybean and jillybean strain growing over the winter to combine with my auto strain also had a white widow in there too.

started dec 1 putting seeds into napkins

3 globe led grow lights from the dollar store 4 dollars each

1 14 watt led light 1550 lumens on the desk light.

dec 12 switching to 1 105 watt cfl 95 watts actual. easier on the eyes than looking at pink light.


dec27 there are larger ones in the back portion of the tent. i switched to 2 45 watt barena white led t8 lights. while i wait for wills lights to arrive, i got 2 1000 watt led overhead units supposed to be like 200 watt hps.


lights came early they have a really solid feel to them. the jellybean into the larger pots because the autos can finish flowering in those size pots. amazing the way they look only after 1 month. this was skunk #1 female crossed with a pink hermie auto plant someone grew in a grainery and i managed to get seeds from(i’ve since added cheesequake to the mix and was pleased with the results). ducktaped the volume on notch 2 then moved it up to 3 so about 30 watts now. main reason is its close to the wall and -25 C outside also I did not notice much transpiration going on from the looks of the pots.


jan 10th


I am running the main lights at 30 watts or 30% and the 2 dollarama store grow lights 9 watts each, the plants really love the purple light , they get ultra perky and grow fast.


12 of Jan I switched to 18-4  7am to 3am for lighting. might not be ideal but its when my timer arrived. total grow consumption sofar has only been only around 100 watts which made the power bill for the first half of the grow come to only 15 dollars. for the second half I will be trying to keep it under 250 watts. to see what kinda result LED can yeild for breeders even just trying to get some seeds for summer, sofar the bud production looks good with some density to it.


Jan 23 – turned lights upto 50% and i’ve been noticing increased RH to 60% so its definitly making them work harder.




march 4th,

4×4 tent for 109 cad shipped. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B079JV3K24 i see they ran out but there are more available.