Rocket Stoves – smokeless stoves.


rocket stoves can be very efficient for home use. the designes allow for alot of retention and burn more of the gasses in the wood.

a copper pipe coil can be placed in the exhaust to heat water fast. FB group for rocket stoves, lots of good content.

other ideas

i have seen some compressed air burning systems hooked up to a engine turbo for power generation ( uses too much wood )

garbage burning stirling engines made from 45 gal drums could be designed.

No photo description available.
i made this one but the stack was too tall to get any flame for cooking weiners and things also a castle top would have been nice. ( no smoke when it burns ) (picture reupload soon)
oil dripping stoves can be effective heaters if done properly can probably be safe too. ( the outside can get red hot which is how some like to run theirs but the metal will decompose and start flaking likely.