Gaming Consoles


Cleaning Tips


use PTFE lube(looks like a pen tube) available on Ebay on the cdrom rails and drop generous ammount inside the motor (hold upsidedown then onto its side and run a game till the sounds are nice and smooth)

a paint brush can help dislodge dust from fans and openings also PCB’s.

vacuum cleaner to get the dust out.



generally for the fat PS3’s only the 4 usb port versions of are ps2 compatible but use alot of power 350 watts according to google and the slim versions 70 watts.

PS2 slim only uses 40 watts compared to 80 for the fat version for the power concious so if you do alot of gaming on these get a version that suits you.

also dumping your bios for emulation on a pc is a very viable option if you want to save even more power with future pc hardware getting passed 4nm processes..


if you get vibration on your game disks use a peice of paper and a flat surface carving the edges on the surface of the paper until smooth… keep trying game disk until vibration is gone… be sure to take care because the cd could split apart break or scratch.