laser thrustor concept using one way mirrors for the flat bottoms and v’s

maybe a filter would work to speed it up as its leaving the final stages of exhaust so it pushes back on the mirror more.

Space Stuff

photon does have energy therefor has mass which is why solar sail works

no momentum would probably be devide by zero error

m c^2 = h nu

“visible band of light has the frequency of about 10^15 Hz so the energy of those photons is 6.6E-19 J. 6.6 * 10^-19 J / c^2, that is the mass relative to a photon of that frequency.”

electron-proton and electron-neutron mass ratios



“Clyde Tombaugh’s discovery of Pluto in 1930 appeared to validate Lowell’s hypothesis, and Pluto was officially named the ninth planet. In 1978, Pluto was conclusively determined to be too small for its gravity to affect the giant planets, resulting in a brief search for a tenth planet.”


if the last time planet x came was 15000 years ago then its pretty safe to assume we probably arnt ready for it. its possible that planet x had smashed planet 10 away aswell.


fun theroys not based on scientific proof

the moon and earth may have rotated together once rolling on eachother like a ball mill before being hit by another planet possibly knocking them free and creating the astroid belt ?  sounds far fetched but worth mentioning. its more likely we just captured it flying around


frozen chicken eggs wrapped in starlite could penetrate an atmosphere and start new life on another water planet. might not be a good idea to blast a bunch  into space untill we know more about what they are. but it could probably work if it had to.



if you wanted 8 years worth of space food maybe chickens would work good by growing energy dense seeds like hemp or canola ?


from the sounds of it space has different effects on bacteria so maybe food production in space will need to be more plant based. or maybe we will find out chickens or giant space cock were once the aliens or creators to earth as genetics research reveals more about effects on things in space.










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  • Satellite




Radically simpler 3D printing rockets with less than 100 parts instead of nearly 100,000

maybe thats why the mayan calendar resets every so often to account for mistakes in the day counter
that would probably mean the summerians also knew that there were 365 days in a year at 4000BC ?

Viewing eclipse’s

not a good idea to use your eyes to view one without using a pie plate with a hole cut in it and some old camera film to cover the hole or really good sun glasses ?.