Air Conditioners

recently purchased Frigidare model:ffra05c1q1 5000 btu window airconditioner with (kenmore CEER of 9.3 , uses 400watts), uses 600 watts while cooling and 60 while just blowing cool(i noticed it uses 4kw almost when trying to spin the pump if its already charged so dont do that, could emit some strange rf too). there was no drain plug so after looking online I had seen that it splashes the water onto the cooling coils instead. Have herd of mold issues so draining frequently might help keep tray clean longer.

I use a spray bottle to clean it after removing the top and front seems to work without damaging the fins. trick to using it is to make sure its airtight, and keep the water level full sometimes you have to add water too. (use a funnel and bend one of the side fins out.

water can also be added manually, i used a funnel and just pryed one of the fins out on the side. For less humid hot places evaporative air conditioners might be a great option for you.

there is 400 watt versions on this website

Here are better more efficient cooling units to consider.

  • Last resort options are putting icecubes near a window(frozen milkjugs) could also be placed into a bucket for forced air cooling. diy evaporative coolers might be an option too they work well for hot and dry climates.
  • Airconditioner from a car.
  • Building underground or using underground pipes to cool filtered air.
  • Brick or dirt covered houses.
  • Reflective white paint for rooftops with or without aluminum particles to increase albedo effect.
  • also making the room smaller seems to help if the house has already lost all its coolness.
  • keep the doors and windows closed asmuch as possible.
  • let the cool air in in the mornings if its below 10-15 degC otherwise just crank the ac for both rooms and try to hold it throughout the day.