Brain Computer Interfacing

Lucid Dreaming

information about brainwaves and sleep states connected to EEG. providing detailed information about sleep quality.

stimulation with light / sounds (white/pink noise)

recording and analysis


EMO-Kit – wireless EKG brain wave recorder.

there is also python for the neurosky try to get the bluetooth version for less issues


Gnaural / sbagen – seems to block out harmful concentration noise such as furnaces / fridges /freezers and anything else high frequency. My fav soundscape would be the purrrr method.

have also played with pyramid noises, found that the bosnian pyramid opens the blood brain barrier and lets the immune system into the brain. one theroy is that hell is a state of mind but i was able to go crazy/schizophrenic whilest playing with these.  also i seem to have aquired a case of tinitus (ringing in the ears)


The most annoying thing ever is waking up to a diesel cat reving/ramping down with the operator trying to match your brain frequency.

Voice Recognition / Analysis

PocketSphinx – Voice recognition for linux. ran into some issues with the gstreamer framework so i ended up using the python method, worked awesome.