Grow Lights

these are amazing dollarama store lights 3dollar each , combined with this 5way light socket splitter, get some sunglasses for these because UV light is more harmful.

also what i can say about the red and blue spectrum is that it can easily be hidden in white light.

these wills units are amazing and dimable down to 12 watts and still too bright to look at. combined with the dollar store lights you will easily have enough. be sure not to look directly at the light or forget to wear sun glasses, turn it off while doing maintenance to plants and use secondary light to prevent looking accidents or reflections off other surfaces. came with thremeometer and ratchet hanger.

i use these aswell and they dont get hot enough to melt mylar so the work great for starting plants. the 20 watt versions might be preferable for power consumption. here its 16cents per kwh so about 10 dollars a month if on 24×7 per 100 watts. distribution fees are something to watch for if your going to be using more than 2 or 3 kw worth of power for a commercial grow.