Hunting & Dressing

might touch on private stock ponds later. if you watch the end of this video you can see how much water can be pumped with these inexpensive 10 dollar solar fountains. Rainwater collection systems to replenish the water in smaller ponds(bird baths too) to keep it more drinkable.  charcoal filters can be added to the pumps aswell.
alternating watering holes for larger game or desert climate where water temperature is warmer with electric start syphon and ability to dry completely out may help keep things watered. an arduino or esp8266 with a rtc module would work well for this.

wild chickens or grouse

hunting chickens is easy enough, just get a 4-10 shotgun or 22 with a scope and aim for the head. step on the wings and pull on the feet to skin them.


butchering pigs is fairly easy with 3 people, get them in a corner and shoot with a large powered riffle in the head. an electric fence will usually hold them good and provide enough to supplement their chop supply. give them asmuch as they can eat, usually good to put milk and leftovers with the chop aswell. chain each leg to the forks on a tractor cut off the feet and head with a sawsall then pull the guts using 2 fingers and a knife cutting from the inside out being careful not to damage intestines skin/cut pig in half and hang in cooler until ready to package.