smartcard and rfid applications

Cardpeek for Linux has scripting ability. the ACR units for RFID and Smartcard on Ebay work really well with Linux. Would be nice to have a working scripting setup to pull out some of the old timers from hiding and get some useful encryption applications built for the bitcoin / home security scene. sourcecode/functionality for is very lacking on linux currently. would be nice to have something equivalent to Winexplorer 4.4(windows smartcard software) to review all the satellite hacking scene code. probably still easy to find software for f card h card hu card, and bell / dishnet code. there used to be tons of paid programmers doing it for a living.

There are smart rings that can hold 512 kb of data, you can actually 7z a encryption key and store it like that. Would be easy to xor it against a second password to make it stronger. They come in lots of sizes but are too thick to be comfortable because it rubs on other fingers might be better to get a thumb size ring. some tools to help with storing data / encryption.

More to come when I get some time to play with my working setup.