netpipe June 26, 2022

i highly recommend to search in google for “green light mushrooms” a bioluminescent mushroom aparently there are blue ones too.

netpipe June 25, 2022

The earth should make a Google appreciation day. They’ve done alot for us with making youtube great and the search engine + emails etc. they started out by selling search prioritys and add spots and became #1 goto spot on the internet. and kudos to yahoo for doing it first 🙂

netpipe June 25, 2022

Hacker News – High-performance GLQuake fork using modern graphics pipeline Hacker News – The First Lisp Compiler Hacker News – ‘Father of MIDI’ Dave Smith has died Blog – Hackaday – Automatic Water Turret Keeps Grass Watered Ars Technica – Pakistan hits 120°F as climate trends drive spring heatwave Ars Technica – 1.1 quintillion operations […]

netpipe June 25, 2022 my game engine is now on OSX for all you mac fans. mac and windows are a breeze too, watch for a windows / linux release in the next few months.    

netpipe June 23, 2022

i suggested to facebook to add shopping lists and todo lists to messenger with features like paid status. to help with covid it will lessen the trips to the store and enable people to track IOU’s better for some who get paid at the beginning or end of each month and still needs to eat.

netpipe June 22, 2022

strange how the world is structuring itself to look like it runs on donations/sponsors. but the internets never really been generous with money at all, maybe when cryptocoins are more legal it could work better but I dont think so.

netpipe June 22, 2022 months go left to right and the towers are submitted work. had been using SVN before 2010 so there is not much that far back if you change the year numbers on the end of the URL.

netpipe June 21, 2022

weird, an imaginary magic flute lip feeling just under the nose can effect ear pressure. and cause feelings like someone is talking to you.   which seems to connect to here marked in green

netpipe June 21, 2022

airplanes/satellites/towers will oneday drive around terrorising towns and city’s with elf waves and microwaves ultrasonics. likely the population would do it to itself so its more empathetic towards oppression or another country terrorizing your food network.

netpipe June 21, 2022

great router, handles power surges like a champ. outdoor weather during winter and summer does not seem to be a bother either solong as its covered. 91 days of uptime with openwrt for me so i rebooted it for no reason at all recently.