netpipe May 25, 2022

I think this is ridiculous for the simple fact that women use kids to get help and men are born with dicks. Its almost like asking people to not know what their eating when your supposed to know everything. Josh Duggar, ex-reality star, sentenced to 12 years in jail for child porn

netpipe May 24, 2022

peach thirst quencher from tim hortons has an satisfying lasting aftertaste like beer. someone should invent fake beer made from juice instead of fermented stuff that you can add whisky or vodka to.

netpipe May 23, 2022

I created a new pot business opportunity today for someone, need a clean horsetrailer or a flatdeck and a building for flowering extra large pot plants with some kinda totebag loader roller system on the back and it just makes 48 hours of darkness or something for july and august.

netpipe May 22, 2022

rather than having a full greenhouse you could just use 4 tarps to block the wind / unwanted guests and dust from getting all over your greens. just remember to anchor them really good from wind somehow. if you get hail alot you may want to do some kinda partial top ive seen hail devastate […]

netpipe May 20, 2022

what country will be the first to legalize cannabis while driving ? I usually always wait 4 hours.   then you can goto the bar have a few hoots and 1 beer.

netpipe May 19, 2022 ordered mine but still waiting for it to come. Yoga Massage Ball Spikey Gym Balls Spiky Yoga Stress Reflexology Trigger I’m going to guess these work but I’ve used dog chew balls like it to cure MS (multiple sclerosis) foot tingling like symptoms in my feet before while watching TV or sitting infront of […]

netpipe May 19, 2022

im surprised there arnt more people renting out camping spaces on their property’s for people with 5th wheels and whatnot specially closer to the city’s