netpipe May 11, 2021

dogecoin seems to be making some waves, its upto .45 usd currently after peaking at .7 USD.

netpipe April 28, 2021

weird osb prices went from 11 dollars per sheet of osb to 47 dollars cdn at home depot thats almost 4x more   plywood is 60 dollars a sheet instead of 30   someone needs to invent cheep alternative like particle board with sawdust glue and hemp stalks

netpipe April 26, 2021

i wonder if hospitals are getting more corrupt these days with covid, waiting for people to die to take their stuff and also selling sex to old people on their deathbeds ? what do people have to do for non crb money when there arnt jobs anymore ? i could find money all day but […]

netpipe April 20, 2021

Hacker News – mRNA vaccines – a new era in vaccinology (2018) Blog – Hackaday – Tightly Packed Raspberry Pi Tricorder Impresses Hacker News – FOVO: A new 3D rendering technique based on human vision Hacker News – EMU2: A simple text-mode x86 and DOS emulator Hacker News – SiFive Tapes Out First 5nm TSMC […]

netpipe April 20, 2021

x26 is main police taser x26p has been revised since 7 out of 8 people died with original x26 to the chest are lethal tasers illegal or should they be more common place ? stun and kill setting might work good for stunning/killing animals aswell hardly even seems to leave a mark for quick zaps […]

netpipe April 16, 2021

does anyone know if anyone even monitors too high of transmit power or elf waves from fcc or industry canada in canada ? i get really itchy for no reason at all and spectrum scanner technology is too new to warrent having any.

netpipe April 16, 2021

massaging with and shining red laser pointer like on guns or most stores seem to get rid of quantum tunnels,body pains and (sperits if you believe in them). i had pain in the ear and butt that went away with dr hos but kept coming back until i tried laser pointers. works well on itchy […]

netpipe April 15, 2021

there has hardly been any precipitation in canada after winter. usually the rain melts things and it rains in april but i havnt even seen enough to wash the roads off. could it be due to cloud seeding else ware silver iodide in the clouds.     this was posted 4 hours ago red Alert […]