netpipe November 26, 2023

Slashdot – Apple Will Update iPhone 12 in France After Regulators Said It Emitted Too Much Radiation Slashdot – Antarctic Sea-Ice at ‘Mind-Blowing’ Low Alarms Experts Slashdot – Nvidia Hints At Replacing Rasterization and Ray Tracing With Full Neural Rendering Slashdot – You Can No Longer Activate New Windows 11 Builds With Windows 7 or […]

netpipe November 5, 2023

untested but informative   suposedly paxful is another good spot to try but its a bit confusing to figure out.

netpipe October 29, 2023 its only going to get worse and were going to need advanced AI to stop it , possibly saving them and others from hell.

netpipe May 31, 2023

Ars Technica – Starlink nixes plan to impose 1TB data cap and per-gigabyte overage fees Ars Technica – Google’s new “inactive account” policy won’t delete years of YouTube videos Ars Technica – Netflix crackdown on account sharing hits US with $8 fee for each extra user New Scientist – – New Scientist – Movie clip […]

netpipe May 2, 2023

ScienceDaily: Latest Science News – A transistor made of wood New Scientist – – New Scientist – Evolutionary oddball has seven genomes inside a single cell – latest science and technology news stories – Nanowire networks learn and remember like a human brain Ars Technica – Windows 11’s limited iMessage integration has publicly launched […]

netpipe May 1, 2023

if they could double the amount of humanihuts that can fit inside a ccan would be big news. also maybe they could be composed of waterproof cardboard or regular 7/16 osb panels or hemp panels. if its less than 10 m2 then no building permits are required in canada.

netpipe April 23, 2023

does anyone else get bothered while watching youtube videos like they can either hear you telepathically with some sort of time machine(possibly predictive ai) or that they try to play what they would be thinking overtop of your own brain and its so aweful you either hit yourself or turn it off.