netpipe April 1, 2018

Next Big Future – 8.5 ton Chinese Space station will fall from orbit within the next 12 hours

Hacker News – Apple Is Looking for Linux Kernel Developers

Slashdot – Larry Page’s Flying Taxis, Now Exiting Stealth Mode

Slashdot – Google’s New ‘Plus Codes’ Are An Open Source, Global Alternative To Street Addresses

Slashdot – GNOME 3.28 ‘Chongqing’ Linux Is Here

Slashdot – All Disk Galaxies Rotate Once Every Billion Years

Slashdot – Bitcoin’s Highly Anticipated ‘Lightning Network’ Goes Live

Slashdot – Facebook Suspends Donald Trump’s Data Operations Team For Misusing People’s Personal Information

Slashdot – Trump Bans Venezuela’s New National Cryptocurrency

Slashdot – IBM Unveils the ‘World’s Smallest Computer’

Slashdot – Sierra Leone Government Denies the Role of Blockchain In Its Recent Election

Slashdot – China Approves Giant Propaganda Machine To Improve Global Image

Slashdot – Facebook is Building a Real Community in California To Test Whether People Love Tech Companies Enough To Live in Them

Slashdot – Intel CPUs Vulnerable To New ‘BranchScope’ Attack

Slashdot – Google Launches More Realistic Text-To-Speech Service Powered By DeepMind’s AI

Slashdot – VR Researchers Manipulate Human Visual System To Create An Infinite Corridor In a Fixed Space

Slashdot – China, in Search of Water, is Building a Rain-Making Network Three Times the Size of Spain

Slashdot – European Commission Says It Will Cancel All 300,000 UK-Owned .EU Domains

Slashdot – Coffee Requires Cancer Warning, California Judge Rules

Slashdot – AI Tool, Which Has Digested Nearly Every Reaction Ever Performed, Can Invent New Ways To Create Complex Molecules

Engadget – The best universal remote control – Nonprofit Finds Trace Amounts of Arsenic in Popular Beer, Wine Brands

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Cat-like ‘hearing’ with device tens of trillions times smaller than human eardrum

INHABITAT – Utility giant aims to build America’s biggest wind farm paid for by customers

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