Month: April 2021

netpipe April 6, 2021

Next Big Future – Exploring ALL Interstellar Propulsion Concepts Next Big Future – 100 Gigabit per Second Wireless P2P Communication is Near Next Big Future – Bullet and Bomb Proof Flying 3D Printed Titanium Iron Man Armor Hack a Day – Python Will Soon Support Switch Statements Hack a Day – Adjustable, Low-Impact Keeb is […]

netpipe April 6, 2021

with the rise of flying platforms and ed printed flight suits self steering bullets/mini missles with object recognition and integrated cameras could be a thing soon. also self stabalizing sniper rifles kinda like helicopter chase cams. arduino SOD might be able to perform the task in a bullet the size of your pinky finger. alot […]

netpipe April 5, 2021

some people have it pretty cushy with this formula – sometimes it feels like im surrounded by lazy retards but dont know why. child support from the government $6,765 per year ($563.75 per month) for each eligible child under the age of 6 $5,708 per year ($475.66 per month) for each eligible child aged 6 […]

netpipe April 2, 2021

Nano Patents and Innovations – Artificial Neuron Device Could Shrink Energy Use and Size of Neural Network Hardware CBC | Canada News – 14 people are mapping Canada’s path to net-zero emissions — can they do it? CBC | Canada News – CRA sending details of bank accounts to IRS that don’t have to be […]

netpipe April 1, 2021

i am writing a history of digital currency to compliment my new software but cannot find the original article that started it for me. it had been probably a slashdot article around 1996 ish maybe earlier like 1992 about a east indian who used excel spreadsheet to generate serial numbers as a ledger for  digital […]