Month: October 2022

netpipe October 29, 2022

if you pull down on your arm fat under bicept it makes whoever can hear you hurt theirs ? armbands can be a great way to keep people from your mind.

netpipe October 29, 2022 i made 100 dollars today on 400 dollars worth of doge

netpipe October 27, 2022

they get you yelling (with cant beat him or they want you to die so they look smarter etc…) then touch the back of their neck to make it feel like talking to make you yell more because it feels like cold air in your roof of your mouth or someone making you talk   […]

netpipe October 26, 2022

feels like i have hay wire wrapped around weird places(legs and toes, ears, usually between big toe and side of foot behind pad) in my body in another dimension or on someone else in the world. also my feet keep trying to say through queer feelings in the feet saying “feet me” or feed me…

netpipe October 26, 2022

are citizens allowed to spy on eachother ? invasion of privacy doesnt seem to mean what it used to .. even my apple phone stays on when i turn it off.

netpipe October 24, 2022

putting a value on life, sometimes it can be as simple as asking why would i pay money to listen to that when you are already overwhelmed. same for AI

netpipe October 24, 2022

these gems can pinpoint body pain and snap nerves like nothing ive seen before, (used to use bic pen caps) has something to do with the sharp tip from injection molding.   another thing that might be fun for someone to do is put elastics on them and fill the containers with seeds then wear […]

netpipe October 23, 2022

did you know toonies can fit inside ears and stay there while you walk without stretching much ? you can also chime them for tinanitus by hitting them with metal. wearing a couple in your socks can relieve ms pains and help with scitsophrenia ?

netpipe October 21, 2022

  here is a new improved version of the faucet, dice game coming soon