Printing Systems

mx922 printer – its huge! can scan/copy pages, print dvd’s and smaller business card size stuff. has refillable cartridges on ebay with reset arc chips. might try to automate the printing dvd’s part currently they clip into a removable tray. picked out my xmas present on kijiji for 80 dollars.
first print on old dvd’s with glabel on linux. probably going to be ordering plexdisk water resistant glossy disks from newegg soon. as you can see there are alignment issues.

dvd storage is said to be good anywhere from 20 – 200 years so this was a good investment.

the reason for getting this was because lightscribe media is non existent for blueray and dvd dl still as of 2018.
photosmart 5510 working bulk ink setup – nice lite printer for regular printing, fastest and highres too.

aftermarket refillable cartridges with their own chips from ebay, installed them into my photosmart 5510 printer they work very well and dont have any issues the bulk ink hosed versions have plugging up gravity and head pressure issues.

<?xml version="1.0"?>


  <!-- =================================================================== -->
  <!-- Type J CD/DVD Tray.                                                 -->
  <!-- =================================================================== -->
  <Template brand="Canon" part="Type J Tray" size="Other" width="130mm" height="190.5mm" _description="CD/DVD Tray">
    <Label-cd id="0" radius="60.9mm" hole="12mm" waste="1mm">
      <Markup-margin size="3.175mm"/>
      <Layout nx="1" ny="1" x0="4.3mm" y0="53.5mm" dx="122mm" dy="122mm"/>

  <Template brand="Canon" part="MX920 CD Tray"  equiv="Type J Tray"/>
  <Template brand="Canon" part="MG5400 CD Tray" equiv="Type J Tray"/>
  <Template brand="Canon" part="MG6300 CD Tray" equiv="Type J Tray"/>
  <Template brand="Canon" part="MG6500 CD Tray" equiv="Type J Tray"/>
  <Template brand="Canon" part="iP7200 CD Tray" equiv="Type J Tray"/>


the settings above work well with the MX920 dvd tray.

Automatic cd / dvd /burner ripper check link for more information

Pioneer SATA BDXL BDR-S09XLB drives look really good with XL support. also there is a sale on these

Blueray can hold 50 and 100 GB versions
10 Verbatim BD-R BDXL 100 GB 4x Blu ray Triple Layer Bluray Printable Discs 100
dollars on amazon

DVD DL can do 8-8.5 GB
amazon has great prices , 70 cents per DVD DL shows inkjet printing on disks. list of models that do newegg has these at good price. amazon(not as many types) and ebay aswell

.64 oz of ink for 50 dollars. seems like a pretty good deal.

Updates – Jan 2019
The titan DVD’s I bought feel really hot and make your hands sweat. could be chemicals or radiation on them.

might be possible to use the squirt bottles of koolaid to make replacement ink for printers, would just need to add a bit of alcohol and water mix to it ? maybe food coloring water alcohol mix has been done already ? or maybe no water is used to prevent rusting.