Month: October 2021

netpipe October 30, 2021

midi drums better than you can buy have arrived. complete with shoes so get ready to jam. code is semi working just need to do the calibration stuff then it should be ready for use. help is welcome if you are faster than i am to it.

netpipe October 27, 2021

vending machines have taken on a new project, might start painting them blue/white and putting arduinos in them.

netpipe October 21, 2021

Hacker News – Leaded fuel reduced IQ of children born before 1990 Hacker News – All Atari Games The Hacker News – CISA Issues Warning On Cyber Threats Targeting Water and Wastewater Systems The Hacker News – Microsoft Warns of New Security Flaw Affecting Surface Pro 3 Devices The Hacker News – Researchers Break Intel […]

netpipe October 18, 2021

how I know telepathy and spies are real is that logitech stole trackball mouses from me when I was probably 8 years old. i come up with the concept using old ball mouses putting 2 balls ontop of eachother and moving it with thumb then came up with the 3 ball system after i might […]

netpipe October 16, 2021

I used a soldering iron to make a hole for a 204060 battery i bought off ebay in a pack of 5. it took a charge and gave a green light after no issues, the hole can slide them in and out for easy replacement.  also there was a fin inside that needed to come […]

netpipe October 12, 2021

some quick math for a hostle or shelter , if someone were to charge 8 – 10 dollars per day for the winter and 5 in the summer thats still a million dollars per 1000 people for a season. or 240000 – 300000 per month. a hotel could easily be converted with some bench type […]

netpipe October 7, 2021

beware of people stealing campers and trucks from campsites or vacant yards. a can of ether with a straw (ether bunny) would be one way they could easily do it at night. also cannibals dont care and because of covid there are probably alot more than their should be. people with small dogs would be […]

netpipe October 7, 2021

From a town where meth is a problem sometimes it seems the easiest solution would be to add deterrents (making it unsmokable or dopamine inhibitord) or some kinda way to get rid of them into asperin(amphetamines) at the factory to prevent it from being used to produce or even be smoked or eaten directly. All […]

netpipe October 7, 2021

Not sure why but since covid finding good porn movie and picture gallery’s has became harder, I dont think anyone should have a job shutting down porn sites and i hope they burn in hell. The whole reason the internet was famous and efficient is thanks to teen porn. Its amazing nerds worked this hard […]