40-100 Watt CO2 Laser

well… lets try this again after the siteloss.

built the laser engraver for under 1000 dollars,


goto i used 40 watt laser but you could use 80 watt pwm laser tube and psu for metal applications or faster rasters

bipolar stepper driver is from mechantronics, the chips and fuses were replaceable allowing me to learn how to use it, alot can go wrong when you dont know how to connect the wires properly. easiest way is to test the stepping order with a battery or trial and error with a lower voltage setting. if anything is wrong usually something will get warm heh.

for the mirrors a gold plated mirror but have herd regular ole harddrive platters and a hole saw can make some nice mirrors aswell.

the only way to get a cnc moving fast enough for a laser is using belts or that chain you find in the toilette with the little balls on it, some belts from a hp pen plotting printer that were bought off ebay for under 10 dollars.

modified graster download << comming soon – thought i uploaded it to github but aparently not.

i since found some better tube holders than mason jar lids on thingiverse.com fully printable at 20 – 30% infill.



config files and standalone graster




going to be experimenting with NEJE lasers soon, bought a 15 watt laser to play with.



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