Handguns / Rifles

22 LR seem sufficient for handguns, leaves small wound if thats what your trying to do and can really make it to the target.

22LR handguns

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walther p22

ppk james bond gun silenced 22LR

Beretta 9mm used alot in the movies, very reliable and lite. from what i’ve read somewhat better than glock and has more sizes of barrels available.

50 cal sniper rifle

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long range shots with big boom.

.338 lapua sniper riffle


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grenade round from a AA12 shotgun
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gun that shoots around corners
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ironian bulletproof kevlar facemask made by devtak – i think cost was 3 or 4 thousand dollars can stop 9mm bullets has bulletproof lenses too.


  • Taserproof mesh distribution and heat dissipators.
  • silk shirt vest for knifes
  • hemp makes really strong armor aswell, the first hempcars were said to be bulletproof hemp would probably work great for bulletproof facemasks and helmets too.

rail guns

A friend and I had built a working railgun out of an old disposable camera , aluminum tube, some copper wire and a steel nail. the concept is it pulls the nail to the center of the aluminum pipe with copper wrapped around. then by the time it hits the center the flash has gone off and it continues to fly ,otherwise it would pull it backwards after passing through the center.

a 8 stage railgun with optical sensors would be very cool to try.


  • 3D printed 22 gattling gun.
  • homemade shotgun from high pressure pipe.
  • All plastic 3D printed stealth gun from “in the line of fire”
  • you can 3d print the lower receiver for ar15 and clip. just need to order the barrels which is legal without registering them.
  • defence distributed has plans for revolvers and rifles to 3d print aswell.