Arduino & ESP

Getting Started with arduino

Leonardo 6 dollar board will get you going was easy to clean the pcb and it works with HID device emulation like keyboard / mouse / joystick. if you want more get the x86 sam boards


Arduino projects and links.

esp8266 door bell writeup / review door bell repository from a different project. same effect.


knock sensor / clap    peizo sensors / mic

drum shoes for making midi signals.


LED heart rate(pulse) detector

servo / stepper controll

digi weight scale hack for part of the bar bot.

melzi 3d printer board

various electronics ebay parts worth buying with price charts. << apparently this is why… i had issues with 2 other esp8266 programmers and a esp8266 r1d2 clone with 32mb of flash.

the mini r1d2 worked and the red pcb with a little switch on them, add hotglue to make the switch more rigid.


more later…


How RFID Works and How To Make an Arduino based RFID Door Lock


esp8285 is better option for the esp-01 style boards because it needs no modifications to do deepsleep power saving.