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  • when using hotglue , torch lighters and gluestick work well for quick fixes if careful when breathing and in a ventilated area there is a higher risk of burns on fingers aswell.
  • works well for applying to the underside of PCB’s for a makeshift case.
  • works well to secure things like mini / micro USB ports.
  • works well to place USB hubs around the computer desk.

Soldering tips

  • Butane soldering iron works great for ventilated area’s because they get too hot and vaporize the solder / chemicals / paste aswell.
  • solder fumes use a large fan to move air the carbon pad filters seem to make a stink of their own but are for cleaning soldering fumes too.
  • desoldering braid seems to not work the best.
  • Wash PCB’s with hot water after soldering parts , wipe with paper towel and let dry.




TS100 Oscilloscope hack

ts100 programmable soldering iron with opensource firmware and motion sensor. should make for a great time. https://github.com/Ralim/ts100


more here soon also i have not tried qelectrotech much yet

eaglecad seems to be popular.

  • svn checkout svn://svn.tuxfamily.org/svnroot/qet/qet/trunk qelectrotech_trunk



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJQP65NiU7Q solar cells from zeners – might need a jewlthief to keep the magnetic field collecting electrons around the wires better.




http://www.angelfire.com/80s/sixmhz/index.html old links, the trigatron seems worth mention. a friend and i had build our first coilgun like this.



Making Transistors out of Iron Pyrite


Picture of the enigmalith 100k year old transistor or power generator ?

“electric eel, some 5,000 to 6,000 stacked electroplaques are capable of producing a shock at up to 500 volts and 1 ampere of current (500 watts).”


not sure what happened to the video but this was what it looked like. had pulsing from the top.
  • Copper pyramid in a vacuum
  • Pyramid is connected to ground
  • Plasma with HV transformer 15KV about 28KHz