Month: January 2021

netpipe January 22, 2021

wip still, i2c modules for arduino , maybe pro or leonardo. the raspberry pico might be another option or a raspberry pi 0.   leap motion and valve index vr controller are other good options but this would be better i think.   gyro.tar content for project  

netpipe January 19, 2021

this tells me that lemon battery technology needs some improvements. i wonder if its only a difference in materials and preperation ? need about 6 to 12 volts somehow     shows how to get / use graphite for extra oomph. ( more dangerous chemicals though)

netpipe January 10, 2021

looks like a great option for Raspberrypi Zero and esp8266 or pic nanoWatt series , stm32L series. copper is poisonous might be ideal to place these underground or with something to capture moisture paiting the outsides of them   also found this  

netpipe January 6, 2021

DeadFix – Cut Engadget – Apple promises to fix ultrawide monitor support on M1 Macs Engadget – LG will add 8K QNED TVs to its lineup in 2021 Engadget – Tesla made half a million electric cars in 2020 Ars Technica – Linus Torvalds blames Intel for lack of ECC RAM in consumer PCs Hacker […]