Pro/Self Defense/survival

Secret agent ploy’s and techniques to watch for “educational use only”

taser dangers there is an app for android called parrot that works good too


Camping / Survival


low tech methods

  • Chicken Feathers – smoke out an enemy using ancient technique.
  • Getting an enemy’s poop and warming it on a stove around body temperature making a congeiling poison based on their own blood type.
  • Water hemlock – very deadly to cows
  • Fentanyl – an everyday incompacitant to slow an enemy down and make them seem angry and disconnected from reality.
  • Compromised character of person. using extra camera’s is an easy way to put doubt into their minds.
  • Missing things and Rocks in their shoes.
  • too much salt in their food.
  • skin irritant in underwear.
  • match sticks make good fuses, timers, trips.
  • pig poop water balloons, the stench can last years.
  • super small salt crystals and or flint in their smokes. (fentanyl seems to enhance everything about salt even its addictiveness)
  • upside down at a 45 deg in the sunlight by the toes while being shot with lasers and being sprayed with water.(possibly draw a new face on them with the laser)


Higher Tech Methods

  • Door triggered explosions with delay or secondary optical trigger. for mail/home/car
  • Bunker buster exploding rounds including shotgun shells.
  • Seeing through walls.
  • Dolphin Attacks – Ultrasonic Disruption or ELF
  • quantum tunnels to paired or entangled regions of wetware.



Interrogation techniques

  • Water boarding / dunking / drip on forhead or body part with different temperatures.
  • Electricity – using dr hoes on muscles till they snap or TCDS on their brains.
  • Drugs – Sodium Pentathol, Fentanyl , LSD, weed and booze. I think the main idea is to make their brains spin like being drunk to cause lowered inhabitions. (more likely to talk about what you want) devils trumpet white flour
  • bug bites such as bullet ants, warrior wasps and executioner wasps, centepedes bites,scorpion bites(james bind).
  • the church has some torture tactics that can cause severe psycological effects , cutting it from the flesh such as (cauterizing HOT scissors to the elbows and removal of the feet) or 1000 paper cuts with salt water or iodine and things like the pear that expands the rectal cavity, or even constant pressure on certain areas.
  • Chinese torture can be effective non invasive interrogation ( tapping on forhead while constricted) . waterboarding has been outlawed in north and south america.
  • dull or blunt plastic lawn darts to the ass or soft spots of the body like the brown. a high cut tree stump tree would work as a post to put them on or a full barrel with dirt or concrete around base at an angle.
  • thermo cycling peltier coolers putting them in various orders and spots that can really hurt and make sick.




  • wrecking a starter – pull the plugs off and keep turning it over till something melts or put rocks in it to wreck the enamel on the wires to create shorts to make it less effective. hf plasma cutter might work too to run through the terminals.
  • smashing out windows during hail storms also golf ball in sock to make a couple dents.
  • liquid nitrogen fracure steel maybe a induction coil would work well with it too.
  • sugar in the gas tank to cause seizing.
  • flat tires a specially crafted rock or sharp nail under the tire during takeoff or backing up.
  • breeding specialized bacteria.
  • excriment on things pig poop, elk pee mixed with sticky or greasy things, tree sap or smelly buds etc…
  • broken gifts like pens that dont work or that dry out fast
  • needle tips with holes on the sides to prevent a plug from stopping it hidden in chairs or couches. a sharp peice of hay or straw might work too. doorhandles are also a bad place for cuts
  • sleep or time deprivation – phone calls, spam loud noises outside / inside dolphin and elf atacks. microwaves or magnetrons with parabolic focuser to cook heads.
  • workplace discrediting by attaching problems to your life like smells and flat tires also awkward phone calls or inside comments.
  • wrecked bodies, that make you aweful get euthanized basically everything you touch turns to shit. radioactivity , fentayl (potentiator and incompacitant)or other things that dont come out of skin antimicrobials cromium(rat poison) mercury(can be put into other metals like stainless steel) (brain dumb) is aweful.
  • wrecked airconditioners hole in the coils where it vibrates against something.
  • life altering wounds like peeled/missing fingers or missing eyes sometimes a high power co2 laser could work even for someone driving by.
  • shooting hydraulic lines or transformers with a .22
  • the ether bunny (tractor starter) with straw for under doors in small rooms and hydrogen sulphide from ashfaultines can knock people out, chloroform even directly sprayed in face and nitrous oxide for longer sleeps is more widely used .
  • trap doors – some chairs and false floors in things like restaurants and taverns or stores
  • metal hooks inserted into a brain to make it not work anymore also causes mental issues
  • salting the land for  crops or remote electronic firestarting when your on vacation with aliby when its dry and windy