Pro/Self Defense/survival

Secret agent ploy’s and techniques to watch for “educational use only”

low tech methods

  • Chicken Feathers – smoke out an enemy using ancient technique.
  • Getting an enemy’s poop and warming it on a stove around body temperature making a congeiling poison based on their own blood type.
  • Water hemlock – very deadly to cows
  • Fentanyl – an everyday incompacitant to slow an enemy down and make them seem angry and disconnected from reality.
  • Compromised character of person. using extra camera’s is an easy way to put doubt into their minds.
  • Missing things and Rocks in their shoes.
  • too much salt in their food.
  • skin irritant in underwear.
  • match sticks make good fuses, timers, trips.
  • pig poop water balloons, the stench can last years.


Higher Tech Methods

  • Door triggered explosions with delay or secondary optical trigger. for mail/home/car
  • Bunker buster exploding rounds including shotgun shells.
  • Seeing through walls.
  • Dolphin Attacks – Ultrasonic Disruption or ELF
  • quantum tunnels to paired or entangled regions of wetware.



Interrogation techniques

  • Water boarding / dunking / drip on forhead or body part with different temperatures.
  • Electricity – using dr hoes on muscles till they snap or TCDS on their brains.
  • Drugs – Sodium Pentathol, Fentanyl , LSD, weed and booze. I think the main idea is to make their brains spin like being drunk to cause lowered inhabitions. (more likely to talk about what you want)