teclast x80

https://www.ebay.ca/itm/252221680454 Tablet Case

Lenovo IdeaTab Miix2 8 inch Windows 8.1
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Price: US $9.99

update : found the keyboard/cover i bought for 10 bux worked really well. stinks a little bit ( going to try and heat it out by leaving it by the furnace)   also lubuntu persistant usb image worked great after installing mate desktop (touch screen works (even while tablet screen is off) / mini hdmi works ) (wifi / sound need drivers still)


apt-get install florence        << virtual keyboard

a way to install it to the tablet.


wifi driver install instructions https://github.com/hadess/rtl8723bs/wiki/RTL8723BS-module-building-instruction-for-Debian-GNU-Linux

more details on drivers later, might be able to get it working without adding a usb soundcard(though on windows and android the speaker seems to make strange noises on its own with the volume turned down) might not even want them working.


overall nice little tablet the charger can keep up with the tablet when running linux. had very fast graphics support on android. the wifi card was not outof the box supported on any of the live distro’s i’ve tried.

have tried using MULTISYSTEM to make a few bootable drives.

was able to test out a few live distro’s and try to install them on the tablet here is what i came up with.

the bootloader only does 32 bit efi so it makes booting from anything other than fat32 unlikely. so what i’ve been attempting to do is boot multisystem then boot a grub entry to a ext4 fs on the same flash drive. hopefully if all goes well it can sit in the sdcard slot and boot.

-linux mint 18.3 boots , touch screen and display drivers work for hdmi and tablet , sometimes you need to press the power button to get the display to come on.

-otg usb hub is required to charge device and use usb at same time.

https://forum.xda-developers.com/x98-air/general/guide-install-ubuntu-teclast-tablets-t3352310   << the telecast image from here does not have display working on hdmi or on x80 tablet. might be a simple resolution setting somewhere.


Reference Material

“install Linux Debian onto a Chinese Intel Baytrail based tablet Teclast X80HD”  – was able to get a virtualkeyboard and wifi drivers from this guide.