these are made from 3 types of salt a magnesium rod and a peice of copper pipe. can run for years without fail.

Crystal Cells Have Been Going for 4+ Years! – Crystal Cells Duration Testing Update – YouTube





Battery Systems

  • Saltwater
Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) Chemistry Battery
Aquion Energy, the makers of a saltwater battery that can power your off grid home for 10 years

I remember reading powdered aluminum is also react with water to make heat.


Food Storage

Kenetic Energy

  • flywheel
  • hydro storage
  • storage of weighted blocks above and below ground.


  • hotwater tank


  • hydrogen
  • methane – biogas above/underground resovior for storing methane.
image credits Christian Riuji Lohri i have seen batteries like this combined for aircrafts if you need portable power. free power from powerlines

Grid Solutions

grid tie inverters – put it into the powerlines and pull it back out whenever, almost essential for cold climates. nice to have either unlimited on demand gas or electricity and not everyone has wood stoves anymore.

salt saolid state battery technology is starting to be a thing – battery using rust. “1/10th the cost of lithium ion” – video