Lottery & Investing

make your own scratch tickets or do raffles


giftcard failure

Investors lotto pool

with 6% fixed intrest investments yearly picking 4 winners for a lotto where you can always get your initial investment back after the year.

1000 people with 10000 = 0.4% chance of win 150,000
100 people with 10,000 = 4 winners with 15,000 each
10 people with 100,000 = 1 million 40% chance of win 15000
100 people with 100,000 = 10 million 150,000 payout 4% chance of win

4 winners each month on 10 million dollars or 600000 yearly is 12000 each person each month or (4.8% chance of win for 1000 people yearly)

better than the 1.9 – 2% a bank would give. trying to think of new ways to play with money.

banks should actually do this for you calling it an investment pool.




qtCoin 0.1 almost done coding this

can give double the investment back typically because they are startup investments.


penny stocks, high risk but have potential to make it to the dollar arena (would rather go with something like my qtCoin’s mature investment system.