Global Warming

Possible Cure To Global Warming ?

Global warming could be harder on marine life than people. Curbing the trend will require some more advancements still. Geoengineering will be something that will be required in the future if humans are to maintain a harmonious existence.

Winters here in Canada are getting harder on ski-dooers and probably stranger and more dire else-ware. winter seems to be halfing every 15 years here in canada at even faster pace by the year. Back in y2k there was an article that mentioned 500 thousand tons of co2 is emitted each year by humans.

Once you reach the tipping point the atmosphere will expand too far from the heat and get lost to space possibly diminishing the solar shield that protects us.”NASA claimed the magnetic shield is weakening at 5% per decade”. The runaway chain reaction might be too hard to stop once the lakes and river beds unthaw releasing alot of methane.

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When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money. -Native American saying

Some ideas sofar


  • White roofs on houses / roads to increase albedo and reflect some of it back out of the atmosphere. aluminum powder can help in the paint.
  • Nuclear powered Underwater Icecube Maker in the artic or perhaps a giant space laser, to make giant iceburgs that grow underwater from the top down in a gradual underwater growing process(added salt would be a benifit for retaining more cold like a capacitor).
  • Nuclear powered pykrete iceships that cool the water. maybe fill them with fish safe woodchips with white coating.
  • Something to block sunlight to area’s of the earth to keep temperatures cooler. to build the solar blockers for geosynchronous orbit takes 24 hours to go around at 3km/s   ,  need 41700 km worth if you want to do the whole circumference solar powered and ionic thrustors for steering, also it would take a realignment of the old satellites on another orbit.
  • Solar hotair / hotwater setups in sunny areas like the sunbelt.
  • solar collector based air conditioner
  • Super conducting wind turbines.
  • Engineered atmosphere processing to remove carbon/methane faster(maybe added gasses with stimulation or accelerated tree planting/engineering/biotech.
  • Helium extraction from natural gas for supercooling/transportation applications. its very expensive and worthwhile but wasted alot of the time
  • Convertible windmill farms to switch to blow mode to make moisture or move warm/cold air/moisture around.
  • Cloud engineering – creating cloud seeds and moisture generation to increase albedo to reflect sunlight back or absorb more of the energy. sometimes forest fires can do this for us.
  • Gas powered drones with water trucks to fill from to dump water on fires ? if there were enough of them you could use them to put out fires globally
  • planting tree’s helps the atmosphere regenerate lost atmosphere. but also uses alot of water(earths battery). at some point we will have to make our own water to put back.
  • watering holes that are maintained for cleanlyness and also to not let other predators camp out the area maybe by a propane cannon far away or something. some things alligators or crocs might need are rabbits or hogs in the area. also they might even feed on the bacteria in the water they always seem to be portrayed in the green ponds.

There is also an old American gold mine mess in the NWT full of 237,000 tonnes arsenic that could probably kill the entire planet too. Canada keeps it refrigerated for a few million tax dollars each year. 900 million estimated cost to cleanup probably more though.

Just guessing if steel production and home heating with wood globally was responsible for droughts in 1930’s around same time alot of city’s and cars were being produced. In alot of older photo’s of city’s airquality was thick with smoke.  we need these to offset some of the carbon. – empress trees that can capture 100 tons of co2 per acre 10x more than regular trees the article says. without the tree’s weighing 100 tons after im not sure how thats possible even though they do get very large.

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