Fond Childhood Memories

Parenting tips

trip to british columbia in full truck – rode in the back camper part with younger family on the way there.

air cadets – trip to niagra falls , summer/winter camps.

seeing pictures of yourself younger at a parade picking up candy.

falling off a horse in an indoor arena

beef/goat 4H – head heart help hands , lots of great experiance in accounting, fundraising , public speaking , animal maintenance and showmanship.


  • mr dressup
  • teddy ruxspin
  • carebears
  • friendly giant
  • bill n eye
  • david suzuki
  • xfiles
  • full house
  • family matters
  • fresh prince of belair
  • sliders
  • quantum leap
  • robocop tv series and the movies
  • Startrek enterprise and the older ones (have not gotten a chance to watch voyager yet but it was a bit dry seeming)
  • Stargate SG1
  • promethius and bob
  • actionleague now
  • mad tv spy vs spy show and comics
  • rosanne
  • married with children
  • futurama
  • simpsons – teachers used to praise it for the educational content.
  • alf tv series
  • mr bean
  • casper – great movie for inspiration to be an inventor
  • macgyver tv series
  • tarzan tv series


  • rubegoldberg stuff like the incredible machine pc game another good one is gizmos and gadgets