Windows 10 on RaspberryPi


with build 21277 usb and network are working great. also it loads without other efi firmware so usb booting is possible. no need to OTG usb-c anymore.


purchase a windows 10 pro key on ebay for under 20 dollars then. you’ll need pro for RDP, for some reason it does not work on Home Edition.


generate a cmd file from the link below to create the .win image, sometimes it does not work so make sure to have good internet.


https://uupdump.ml/ is the other option to build the .win image has a unix / linux shellscript too. (untested for me still)





then use this to place the .win file onto the chosen drive through the 5 or so steps it requires. I placed home edition onto SD Card then updated to pro using the link provided when going to remote desktop settings.


place sd card in and boot you should see a black and white raspberry, hit escape and goto the raspberrypi settings choose cpu and select max also set resolution lower for install because it speeds things up and you wont have issues with oobe blue screen stuff during install.


be sure to pick a drive with enough space on it 16gb is bare minimum go with either 32 or 64gb with secondary drive options, samsung evo pluscards are actually slower than others sandisk is usually the better pick can get upto about 20mb/s transfer. usb3 ssd or flash drive might be able to do better.


The monitor on mine was 1080p resolution but once it got stuck on 640×480 and still installed to desktop fine i had to turn off tv and remove power from hdmi audio splitter.  be sure to download the aarch64 packages to install like VLC and Firefox. I was not able to install QT API yet so hopefully that works later.