Month: September 2020

netpipe September 30, 2020

EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Cannabinoids associated with negative respiratory health effects in older adults with COPD EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Small molecule targets SARS-CoV-2 RNA for destruction EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Kidneys infected with hepatitis C can be safely transplanted into healthy recipients EurekAlert! – Breaking News – Using tattoo ink to […]

netpipe September 28, 2020

really like the new vape pens from vuse 13 dollars for the rechargable pen and 2 cartridges currently. 1.6% nicotine tobacco flavor really hits the spot. good for healing up / taking a break from smoking or quitting alltogether.   has magnetic clips for recharging and for cartridge changes. bought mine at “fast gas” the […]

netpipe September 26, 2020

Nano Patents and Innovations – More Cats Catching COVID-19 Than First Thought, Felines Also at Risk for Reinfection. New Scientist – – New Scientist – Travelling through a wormhole without dying may actually be possible New Scientist – – New Scientist – Human trials of Oxford coronavirus vaccine have begun in the US Big Think […]

netpipe September 26, 2020

was wondering if anyone knows of a high resolution camera capable of taking pictures of wheyl ferminion ghosts. email

netpipe September 11, 2020

Hack a Day – 3D-Printed Flight Controls Use Magnets for Enhanced Flight Simulator 2020 Experience Hack a Day – The Screwdriver You Don’t Need, But Probably Want Hack a Day – Autonomous Off-Road Food Delivery with Pixhawk Hack a Day – Teardown: Mini GPS Jammer Hack a Day – Electric Surfboard Doesn’t Need Waves Hack […]

netpipe September 10, 2020   was 120 for unit and 15 for customs.

netpipe September 7, 2020

very strange, the us dollar has not budged in weeks. stimulus inflation , credit restrictions and stock market crashing, huge GDP drops, inability to pay interest on national debt…. I wonder what its actually based on… ?